Post #54 CCR #4

 Evaluation:Question 4: How did you integrate technologies-software, hardware, and online-in this project? Video: Transcript:  Throughout the whole process of this course while creating a magazine I relied on technology. I used a combination of a blogging website and software to help create a magazine.  Technology was a critical part of creating a magazine because without it expressing my ideas and creativity would be little to impossible. Hardware part of the project I would mainly use a laptop which has better accessibility for all around performance. When I was on the go and a idea would pop up in my head my phone is my second option its portability will allow constant editing on the go without missing a beat. The Phone also allowed me take photos that would be later used to capture images for my project.  Software part of the project I used Photoshop to edit certain parts of the image. I would make any spot of the image which was dark and uneven to mat

Post #53 CCR #3

 Evaluation: Question 3: How did your production skills develop throughout this project? Video: Transcript: Hello welcome back my name is Montrell Brown candidate number 0304 At the very beginning of this experience at will say my skills in editing and production of blogs was modest. Over time in this course designing a magazine would help developing my production skills required to create a authentic magazine. I was able to improve on these skills by using varies tools that would put my creativity to test .  The preliminary task were a useful part of expending my knowledge of developing a magazine which included processes and different aspects that will further illustrate this including camera shots and angles. Looking back from all the works I did Il would say that it was a slight improvement in this department. I struggled with putting photos together that would appeal to any audience but constant work on the project proves to be useful as a part togeth

Post #52 CCR #2

 Evaluation: Question 2: How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text? Video: Transcript:  Hello and welcome my name is Montrell Brown and I will be answering compulsory question number 2 for my media studies portfolio. Compulsory simply asks “How does you product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text." The target audience for my magazine is for young teens and adult ages ranging from 13-25. The reason for this age range is because the overall entertaining part of the magazine fits more for the youth than mature audiences. Older audience still can enjoy the magazine if they still have some childhood in them. The content provided in the magazine appeals to both genders but mainly males as it easier to relate to as it often apart of most of people childhood's. I entertained my audience by giving an exclusive interview of a potential NBA which most people back in

Post #51 CCR #1

 Evaluation: Question 1: How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues? Video: Transcript: Hello my name is Montrell Brown My centre number is US154. Today I will be answering the following complustory questions about my magazine. This is a AS AICE media course My magazine follows a traditional creation of a magazine which includes the following a Masthead, Tagline, Cover lines, Barcode, and Main image. In order to gain any ideas and inspiration I looked through varies of magazine like Slam and illustrated sports. Going with the inspection of the first page you will noticed that the word LIMITLESS which is the masthead will cover most of the upper page of the magazine. The second thing you'll notice is that the main image/model is covering most if not all of the magazine. My magazine consist of coverline to other stories it is put in a place to alert to topics and their pages without disturbing any

Post #50 Final Magazine

 Hello today I will be showing you my final production of my magazine

Post #49 Final Production of Double Page Spread

 Hello today I will be showing you the final production of my Double Page Spread

Post #48 Draft Double page Spread 2

 Hello today I will be showing you the second part development of Double page spread